Hey guys so I have a S type guitar that I'm redoing. It's an ion guitar that's not that great but it's my first project so I'm experimenting. I know the steps for painting, and I plan on doing evh style stripes, but a lot of people have that so I was going to do big stripes down the center like the frontman of volbeat with the evh stripes on the two sides. Then I remembered the scratch plate was in the way and it'll look really ugly without it but still want to do something kind of like what I had planned. So does anyone have any ideas or advice for what I should do?
I was just going to buy one, but are you saying I could just paint over it? I thought about it but I think it'll look kind of weird and the colour wont look the same compared to on the wood. I might just paimt it how I wanted and put a scratchplate over top and see how it looks. If I dont like it, I can probably still paint over top. I wish it just didn't have one. Thanks for the help
You can buy transparent pickguards, but I don't know where, but they aren't cheap.

I wouldn't paint on top of a pickguard, but you can paint the underside of a transparent one where it won't get damaged. I was thinking in terms of some kind of complementary colour or pattern on the pickguard and body. If you use the same paint on both, it will colour match. I have only done pickguards in black, but this is a lap steel fretboard done the same way.

All it takes is a little imagination. If you don't like the result, you can always sand it off and start again.