hi all. i want to customize the look of my guitar, and i'm not going to put stickers all over the finish.

i want to get something similar to eddie van halen's frankenstrat, and zac carper's spider web stratocaster

recommend me some designs i could add to the guitar! i am into art so this is more a project than a personal thing
i'm thinking of adding a pop art and vintage comic style eye on the guitar.

like a retro style.
geo-rage no, but i just searched it up. i guess i could try it out on the sides of the guitar and add an eye illustration or something in the center.

is there a specific way to do it with tape or something? the guitar i'm doing is currently black
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I was thinking of using white vinyl on a black guitar. Or whatever color adhesive graphics vinyl. It comes in rolls. You can have a printer cut it on a plotter or cut it freehand with a straight edge. Idk check out vinyl graphics application.
geo-rage sounds cool. on the front it will be speed lines spotlighting the center, but what about the back?

would it look better with speed lines on the back or the ends of them connecting?
Idk that might look weird if they connected on the back. Sometimes less is more. Plus idk how hard that stuff is to go around corners and still keep it straight. Some people also print guitar wraps. Which are way cool
geo-rage how well would the vinyl stick? like very well or could peel off at one point?

also how would i cut them into pieces? should i do all of them different sizes and odd placements, or all same size?
Ok well the vinyl that comes in rolls should be the kind that is made for outdoor signs. Its very thin and self adhesive. It is used for cars and billboards and stuff. It is very durable. Like i say, you can have a printshop cut it for you(using their stock) or you can cut it youself and buy it online or at a hobby mega box store. If you cut it yourself get a cuting board and use a straight edge and a razer knife. There is a way to apply it that i will post in a sec. This is not the only thing to use but ive used it on guitars and cars and signs as i used to be a printer.
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by the way, if we aren't sticking the back together at the ends, what should the back be?
How to apply vynil graphics. The right way: use a plotter to cut out your design. The plotter will cut the vynil sticker but not the underlying backer-paper. Peel off the unwanted portion of the vynil and then laminate it over top with the release paper. You then have a sticker sandwich. Peel off the backer paper leaving the vinyl sticker attatched to the top release paper. Mist the guitar with a tiny amount of water and place the vinyl on the guitar sticky side down. Use a squeegee to squeege all the water out from under the sticker while it is stick stuck to the release paper. When the sticker is all set(the water helps you relocate the sticker if you mess up),,,peel the release paper off and viola! Then burning the sticker.
The other way: buy diy vinyl, cut it into shapes then peel off the back and stick it on your guitar. You can still use the mist squeegee and burnisher but dont need the release paper if you are really freehanding it
Its up to you buddy. You should probably watch some vids first so you know what tools and methods im talking about. The back side? Whatever you think is cool. That eye sounds way cool.
i think it would look pretty good with the speed lines on the back instead of connected.
That looks like the right stuff. I was a little worried about the permanent stuff. Idk what it does to laquer finishes. Im 80 percent sure it will not hurt poly finishes. Anyway they also make repositionable vinyl. That, you could take back off if you dont like it but it might also come off with regular use. Ive never used the repositionable but it sounds good. The permanent while not entirely permanent usually takes a razer blade and some kind of spirits to remove. I guess since you are kind of playing with the idea the repositionable kind would be fun to play with and you probably wouldnt have to mess with the misting with water thing as that is how the pros reposition the permanent type.
There are other ways too like guitar-wraps. People print pics on wraps. They are way cool.
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i think it would look pretty good with the speed lines on the back instead of connected.
yeah connecting the lines will get messy, i just have a feeling. Vinyl wants to be flat so going around the back of the guitar and over corners will cause it to wrinkle.
Btw im think now, go repositionable that way you can practice and play with it. If it starts to come off and you settle on a design you like, go from there. Hope you are good with a knife but there is no reason you cant use scissors. Its just like stickers
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so you think the lacquer would come off too? but repositional would come off, no?
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part 2: the middle design?

how could i put the eye in? if i draw with a white paint marker, it's permanent, i cannot remove it without scratching the lacquer. is there a way i could make my own transparent vinyl sticker?
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Good question! I wonder if there is a removable clear sticker that you could draw on.
i don't really want to use the guitar wrap, because i'm 100% prone to making an error. plus, i really like the vinyl concept.

but what about the lacquer? if i make an error with actual vinyl adhesive, would it come off if i tried to remove it? and the removable adhesive would come off eventually, right?