Hey, I've only owned one amp before, and, well, its not very good in terms of sound and I have very little knowledge about amps.
I currently have a Kustom head and cabinet that i got four years ago when I first started playing electric, it sounds decent on clean but switching to channel sounds awful. And that's a big deal because I'm a metal head. From talking to some friends, they say i just need to replace the head. the cabinet is good to go. So anyone have any suggestions on a good head for metal (without kicking my wallets ass)
Too many motards...
Not that useful without an actual budget, what one person considers cheap may not be the same for another.

Basically if you can grab something along the lines of a Peavey 6505, 5150 (or the cheaper bugera equivalent 6260 or 6262), Peavey XXX or JSX would get you what you want - obviously used.
here's a couple


if you go to the Guitar Center website and browse their used section there will be lots to choose from, I think you can get them to ship amps to your closest store - not sure though I am in Canada and don't have Guitar Centers.
Without a budget its hard to say, but JetCity is a safe bet. They do awesome metal tones, especially with an overdrive in the front. If you are from europe, its pretty much the best bet, because the 6505's and xxx's are way more expensive here. If you are from the states, then check those out as well.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Which model Kustom do you have? As some were quite good if you know what your doing, I actually still have an old Quad 100dfx, and yes I'll admit the lead distortion channel totally sucks, as did all the SS Kustom amps, But the clean channel with distortion peddle and other effect peddles get with the program, Or at least for a louder than generally needed Solid State amp, My Kustom Double Cross? well that's a horse of a different color, Thing will make your ears bleed and gives little metal heads a complex, Kustom? aint those the crappy amps made in China? Na these are made in the USA, Its that crappy 6505 and 5150 your using that was made in China, Funny thing is the same guy that designed those designed this one too, So without knowing what model you have I'd guess your doing something wrong, or just listening to your little metal head friends that judge amps by the logo on the grill.
I have one of the KG series, maybe a distortion pedal really is all i need and i never had anyone judge my amp, i just think the channel sounds disgusting.
Too many motards...
Aw yes the KG series, Distortion channel sounds disgusting? Wow that's putting it mildly, Although not horrible for a budget half stack Kustom never could figure out how to get a good high gain out of they're SS amps. But the clean is generally always good and takes to stand alone effects well, Judge your amp? Uh.. if your pals think your cab is Good to go they obviously know jackshit, that things just so much particle board stuffed with some seriously cheap speakers, pairing it with a better head would be like putting diamond earrings on a pig
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