Hello friends,
The 07 of January I posted a subject on how to play clean without noise ! I had some tips that I tried to apply and voila what it gives !!!! I would like to have your opinion on what i'm doing and my progression I remember that I have 13 months of scratch !!! To people who have years of scratching you believe that my progression is good or I have to work harder or may be changing my way of working!
PS: I always have a prob with the height of the bends I work on it every day but my ear still needs time to manage the trick: p
Thank you in advance for your reviews and advice

For those who have not seen my video on January 07: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6j-wV33NdXQbndKSm85RHFnSUE

Here's where I am: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6j-wV33NdXQZU9VdzRhUktMeTg

The audio video editing is not top I start to barely manage record side
that first vid and even the 2nd one seem like you pretending to play along with the song. I'm not hearing what sounds like you actually playing.
monwobobbo No man it's me ! i'm playing over the backtrack ( rythm guitar/bass and drum) ! i'm not the kind of people who play above the original solo to pretend that he is a good player! i'm here to get advice and learn so what u heard it was me playing !