The way I typically record electric guitar is via DI into amp-sims, which are later used to be ReAmped through my tube rig for the final recording. I rely on it as it's great for perfecting takes pre-distortion and tracking guitar at all hours.

There are drawbacks though, the characteristics of the guitar are different when played in front of a loud amplifier. Most heavy metal rhythm parts aren't much of a problem and can be done easily direct, but lead guitar is a different beast. Big thing that makes a great lead guitar tone imo is the subtle feedback that enhances sustain and dynamics, but that isn't achieved with DI solo tracking.

Is there any clever way of simulating the tone? In theory I feel like letting in a controlled amount of the amp-plugin's output back into the front of the chain could potentially achieve this but I feel a feedback loop could develop if not careful enough. And I don't know if it'll translate into the ReAmp stage.
You can totally do feedback using amp sims. Just turn up your speakers you are using to monitor a bit and they should be able to give you some real feedback. You won't need to have them near as loud as you would an actual guitar amp.

And it will translate back on the reamping stage.

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Maybe I had never set my buffer size low enough (until recently I could never safely run track below 512) but I've never been able to attain intense feedback, nowhere the same caliber that you get from a guitar amp.

I'll try it later, though that also doesn't allow for the silent-recording benefit. I have a roomate that sometimes goes to bed at 8PM and demands quiet (even guitar string noise can wake him up). I'm looking to somehow obtain feedback when even speakers are out of the equation.