I am currently looking to but a new overdrive to tighten up the bass on my engl fireball when played with my Jackson slatt (emgs, drop c tunning). I currently use the zakk Wylde overdrive but it doesn't quite do what I'm after. I've seen the horizon precision drive but the waiting list is til may and I don't want to wait till then.

Budget is £100/ $120 but could push slightly more for a good one
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Any OD that has a knob that adjusts bass, not just a "tone" knob like tubescreamers.

Two that I'd recommend are the MXR Custom Modified Badass OD and the Way Huge Green Rhino.

The MXR is modeled after a Boss SD-1 circuit which is a touch more hairy/grindy than a TS; the Green Rhino is modeled after the TS circuit which is a touch smoother.

Both have adjustment of the 100hz region (bass), so you can cut or boost that frequency to get it just right. I have the MXR and find that adjustment very useful when switching between guitars. At "noon" that adjustment is pretty neutral, I mean, the circuit still cuts some bass like most OD pedals do, but with some guitars, cutting just a little bit more helps yield a really tight tone. And with some amps I find that adding a little bass up front sounds good. That, and it's just a really nice sounding pedal --- adds that special sauce to my tone.
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^ but a ts already has a bass cut.

granted with a knob you can fine tune it to get it exactly right, as you said.

i wonder how close the badass is to the ZW, though... if he doesn't like the ZW, he might not like the badass.
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Get a TS9 Tube Screamer! With the mid-focus, it would make the bass sound tight and removes excessive aggressive noise in the highs frequencies generated by a high gain setting. If you still do not like the tone, then you could try the MXR M108 10 band EQ and go surgical on the frequencies.
Tc electronic mojo mojo has a bass knob. Can't help you otherwise as I'm not well versed in the od pedal world.
Full tone 2 mosfet would be great. $80 used.
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