When there's hardly any words
When there's hardly any hurt left
I hope you find a spark within yourself
'Cause you're everything you hated
You're everyone we laughed at

Do you realize how much that hurts?
To see the world lose one of its best parts
The prettiest smile, most passionate mind
And the kindest eyes you've ever seen
Gone and wasted in the desert of unconnected moments

Now those eyes live to seek
Death thrills and empty bottles

Yeah its not as simple as ditching me
You killed every bright part of yourself
You sing no melody, forgotten how to dream
Throw everything away because the medicine stings

I wish this song had a happy ending
I wish my life had started as soon as I thought
But I can't lie- I can't fake and give this a happy ending
Maybe the next one

This is to fit to a song in the style of American Football- not trying to be poetic, just honest in a pleasing rhythm.
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