Hey everyone,

Its been a few years since i've last played guitar, I had a 6 string ibanez gio, and i loved that thing. I could take it down to drop A, and back up to standard n o problems what so ever. Well I recently bought the same model, put the same strings on it, and now I'm having a hard time tuning down and up from and to any tuning. I noticed the springs on the trem looked odd so I'm here asking if i should run them all straight, get rid of one, or what. I had a guy put a block to stop the tremolo from moving but tuning up is a nightmare because i can almost feel the strings trying to break.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I play in various tunings from open c, to drop a, etc. Its gonna be a pain in the rear to change strings every time i want to change my tuning.
Permanently changing the tuning of your guitar can have an impact on the neck of your guitar. Wood is elastic to a certain extent and different tensions can slightly affect the shape of your neck. Based on my experience, this can be different for each guitar. What I did to avoid this effect is using different guitars for different tunings.

But just to make sure, I'd have this guitar checked just to make sure that the mechanics are okay...
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What you describe is perfectly normal tremolo behavior. Your alternatives are to setup your guitar every time you change tunings, which is a pain even if it had a hardtail bridge or buy a guitar for every tuning, buy a guitar that handles different tunings electronically like the Peavey AT-200 or the Line 6 Variax or buy a pedal like the Digitech Drop.