Hey guys!

I recently purchased my first steel string acoustic (Taylor). I've only had it for a few days, but today I noticed something funky. It is beginning to develop a crack down the middle past the bridge. It has just started to crack, so it's not cracked on the surface, but underneath.

After doing some reading, I figured this was due to low humidity (it's cold here and I'm in a college dorm with artificial heat). To compensate, I ordered a Dampit and something to monitor the humidity. For the last few days it has been on its stand in my dorm room (I know, dumb, I didn't know :/). This is what it looks like now:

Now I'm keeping it in its case in the corner, and will use the Dampit when it gets here. My question is (a) will humidifying the guitar relieve the crack? Or will it still be there? (b) if still there, can someone repair the guitar so that goes away (even if it's not a surface crack)?

I'm a sucker for the cosmetic, so if it's possible to repair this thing quickly before it grows that'd be ideal...

Thanks guys!
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If the crack is through and through, humidifying it will close the crack, but certainly won't "heal" it. In fact, you need to get the humidity to the point where the crack closes, before you should even attempt repairing it

A mechanic's inspection mirror can get you inside the body to look for damage.