So i got a used thunderhorse a few months ago, and the guitar keeps cutting out. The pots also seem really loose and the input jack as well, so i decided to change them. I got some push pull pots and a new jack, and i thought it was gonna be an easy swap, just connect the wires to the same places they were before. Turns out its not that simple, because the current pots arent simply sodered to the wires. They have a small pcb board on them, and the pickups are connected with a clipon connector and also some sodered wires.

So am i correct that i can just snip the connector away, and then resolder the wires to the new pots? I will wire it acording to this diagram:

But with the color coding from this diagram:

Will this work? The pickups are gibson burstbuckers, so i would wire acording to the color coding for the gibson pickups.
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Cut off the molex connector and splice in some new wire if you need to.

What kind of push/pull pots are you using? I've never had any luck with the craptacular Alpha ones. The Bournes and CTS ones are so much better.
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It says Partsland push pull 500k pot. The only one i could get in my country for some reason.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.