Hey UG folks!

I'm Nick Lawson, 31 year-old guitarist from Portland, OR. Been playing for about 20 years and have mostly been enthralled with heavy, progressive music. I love great singers but I definitely love instrumental music too.

A few years ago I became enthralled with modern fingerstyle acoustic styles, so I started honing my chops and writing. Now I have my first DIY album out, called "Earthbound". Check it out! Free streaming of course.


It was recorded in my small office with modest equipment, and mixed/mastered by a friend, so we made our best efforts. Let me know your opinion if you have the time to check it out, positive or negative! My favorite tracks are probably Trusting the Sun, Second Nature and Menagerie right now.

On my Bandcamp, you will also find my 3-ish year catalog of instrumental progressive metal of recorded over the years (all unmastered, however. Just for fun )

Thanks, and glad to be here. -Nick