Hey guys so i have a Orange Micro Dark amp that i love but the cleans arent all that great as its mostly for high gain playing, but i love using sparkling cleans so i was thinking of buying a Le Clean by Two Notes and connecting it to the Micro Dark, would it be possible to bypass the Micro Dark pre amp and use just the solid state power section with the Le Clean pedal as the Pre amp? Or would it be easier just to buy a new amp just as a tubemeister 18? I have around a $500 budget to work with, I wont be using this live, mostly for recording just at home. As of now i have it hooked up to a 4x12 Avatar with v30s. Thanks for the advise!
Looks like It may have the same fx loop as mine. (cr120h) if so then you can plug the preamp into the fx loop return.

If you have a pedal of any type right now, plug your guitar and pedal into the fx return, if the amps volume controls it, then it can handle the preamp.
(some amps have the master volume before the fx which is why I suggest this)
I plugged in a EVH 5150 into the fx return but it sounded very muffled, none of the front knobs worked either (vol, tone, gain) but when changing the output of the evh pedal did change volume, but not clarity
So the md's volume did nothing?
If so then it's a 50/50 shot of a clean preamp working/sounding right.
The fx must be after the master volume then. Plugging in there bypasses the preamp.

50/50 isn't great odds, but at least now we know.
diabolical true. I have a cheap mxr distortion I sometimes use a a pre into my power section, and it's pretty clear sounding.
I had a friend bring his line pod and we plugged the mono out into the fx return, it sounded way better than the evh but still a little flat, might be from the pod setting so i guess if i tweak them itll sound better, but the front knobs dont works still (master vol on the pod seems to work as the volume), should i still try the Le Clean pedal?
Pedal itself is $300, more than the amp, so perhaps it would be best to upgrade my amp instead, the pedal does have a DI xlr so i can plug it into my interface with a cab sim, but nothing better than playing through a real cab
If you're looking into clean pedals - look at the Fender voiced channels on the Sansamp/Tech21 pedals too. You could possibly try a Sansamp TRI-OD or TRI-AC used for about $100, or Sansamp Blonde new.

For $300 I'd probably look into changing that amp or getting a 2nd amp, look into Kustom Defender, I remember that one was cheap and had very good cleans.
I had a microdark. The cleans were really nice at very low volume, i thought. For 500 bucks though you could buy 2 microdarks. Maybe the micro terror has better cleans. As for slaving, the amp plugged into the fx return will have all the control over the power amp. The md's controls should do nothing at all. Thats normal.
Are you running stock tubes?
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Did a little reading as I've been interested in the tiny terror for awhile and surprised how similar iit is to the valve Jr. Before dumping a lot of money on a pedal your going to want to make the amp the best it can be to your specs. A simple tube change can give you as much as 15 to 20% more headroom. I did this with my vj and apparently it's the same with the orange. I tried 12at7's, 5751s and a variety of 12ax7's. JJ's 12ax7's won for me in the end and according to some modding sites I see here it works with your dark. Not to mention heavier mods making changes to circuits and transformers. Something to think about before you drop $300 on a pedal. Besides with a simple tube change my pedals worked better and so did the amp.
Dean Icon PZ
Line 6 Variax 700
Dean V-Wing
Dean ML 79 SilverBurst
MXR M 108
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Valve Junior (V3 Head/Cab and Combo)
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Either replace the preamp tube. Go for a lower gain tube so it would not break-up or if you are willing to spend 500 get a blues junior. I prefer the Tweed with the Jensen speaker. This is a true tube amp and sounds great especially for cleans and slight breakup.
Guys, Micro Dark is a hybrid head, little toob in there for some warmth but it is not like the Tiny Terror/Dark Terror which I think some of you are confusing it with.

It is not a bad amp for what it is but it is a much lower budget version of their tube offerings and it doesn't sound the same. Most likely tube change won't do much if anything.
With a 500 budget... I'd just buy a used combo amp. Options are abundant in that price range.
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For that price is buy a new amp that does cleans and distortion.

There are a ton a multichannel small heads out there if you are ok with EL84 tubes.

Laney IRT-Studio seems like a great choice (I have one on the way) - 3 channels and lots of silent/recording options and Peavey's newer line of MH heads have recording features as well. They have 6505, ValveKing, and Classic versions.
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I also wish my micro dark had pristine cleans, but like diabolical said it's a budget amp. I usually lower the gain as much as I can, turn the shape control counter clockwise and turn volume up to a decent level and roll off my guitars volume and tone knobs. Basically making due with it, still I am going to get a 212 or 112 eventually as this is my first attempt at putting together my head and cabinet. Best of luck to you OP.
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I have played around with it and do get a decent clean with the gain around 1/4 or under and my guitar volume rolled back a good amount on the neck pickup, but iv decided a seprate amp that handles cleans better would suite best