I came across a product the other day that is in the vein of like a noise compressor/gate type of thing that was very unique. It was essentially a small pedal with no buttons or anything, just input and output for the cables and as soon as you plug in it is always active. It was used after all your effects and was meant to I guess eliminate the noise from the pedals as if you had a straight signal. It must have been from some boutique shop and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the thing, had a wonky name like a thermal regulator or something like that. Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? Thanks.

Edit: Just to be clear I'm not talking about a power supply like a Voodoo or something. It is not a power supply.
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Was it a buffer pedal?
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8Len8 Looks very similar to that first one you posted but it's by a different company. I didn't get a lot of info on it but I wanted to do some further research. It might do the same thing ad that device.
metalmingee It's not really a pedal, there is no controls and no pedal to step on, just plug it in and it remains active.
So it is a buffer pedal, the Concord Utility Buffer,

Thanks for the help guys.