Hey guys, can someone give some advice.
I have a WEM Domintor MK3 amp, really clean sounding amp which I love. I have a strat guitar going into a tube screamer but failing to get a good SRV like overdrive sound, right now it sounding thin, uninspiring. I'm not sure on the headroom of the amp as cant find any information on the amp, whether it's mid scooped ect. If anyone can shine some light nuch appreciated.
Thanks Pam
well a tubescreamer and a strat isn't all it takes to sound like SRV. much of his distortion sound came from running his amps really loud. he also used heavier gauge strings. stevie used Fender amps for this, not sure how much your amp sounds like a Fender Princeton. how do you have your tubescreamer set?
isn't the dominator more or less like 18 watt marshalls? i could be wrong but i think i've read that (i saw one in a shop once but like a dope didn't bother trying it ).

probably a good bit middier than (blackface) fenders. I guess try to keep it pretty clean, that'll likely help.
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