What is you opinion of the best pick(s) based solely on grip?

I've generally been an acoustic fingerpicker and just recently started delving into the plectrum world. My problem is not so much dropping it, but having the thing constantly flopping around. So far I like products Like the brain pick, cats tongue and dava picks (specifically the jazz be shot small size).

I don't have a lot of knowledge about different brands and all so let me know your options for grip and pick control.
Thanks in advance.
Try Dunlop gators
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If you like smaller picks try the Max Grip Jazz III from Dunlop. They come in red nylon (softest), black "stiffo" nylon (stiffer) and carbon fibre (completely inflexible).

If the issue is more to do with the pick flexing too much or rocking between your fingers a thicker pick should help. Try the Primetone or Big Stubby if that's the case.

Welcome to the eternal search for the perfect pick, its a very long and personal journey and I would personally suggest trying to find mixed packs to try.
Thanks. I'll check out the gators and the Max Grip Jazz III's. I do feel a smaller pick is easier for me to control.
sic6505+ +1

I use the carbon fiber ones. the grip is great.
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Take a look at the Dunlop tortex picks I use a Dunlop tortex 1.0mm one they also make thinner and thicker versions I think Dunlop makes great picks! I tried out a Dunlop tortex pick and have never went back to any other the way it feels just has a natural grip to me and it doesn't have grips that you can se you kinda just feel it!
V Picks. They are made of a material that is supposed to get tacky as it heats up between your fingers. Some of their designs have grips etched in (Mummy) or holes through them (Jalapeno).

At $5 a pop they're a bit pricey but they make a ton of different shapes and sizes, so they should have something that would fit your preferences.
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I'm a fan of the red brain picks and 1.14mm tortex jazz iiis. Other jazz iiis, even the grip ones, still slip on me for some reason. But the tortex stay put