So I followed the diagram for installing two Dimarzio humbucker pickups from their website. I thought I did this correctly but obviously not. The guitar is a epiphone gothic 58. The guitar buzzes like crazy. The 3way switch doesn't do anything but make a worse buzz when I touch it and the volumes work but if I turn the tone down the 2nd volume goes off as well. Plus both pickups stay on no matter what. This seemed so simple but I feel like a complete idiot right now. any help would be really appreciated.
So post a link to the diagram, since there are 100's on their site and some photo of how you have done it and someone on here might be able to comment. In the meantime suggest you look on Youtube at the whole load of how to wire a guitar videos and learn stuff off there.
It sounds like you have hot and ground switched around somewhere. As PSimonR said already, the best way for us to help you would be a photo of your current wiring and either the diagram you have used or an idea of what you are trying to achieve.

I assume you are just wanting the standard 2 volumes and a 1 tone. If that is the case then concentrate on the volume pot and switch wiring as the tone control is just kind of tacked onto the signal at the end.
Also I got everything working. Except the 3way only works when the tone pot is at 0 /off
I would try unsoldering the tone pot from the rest of the circuit (you can leave the ground on the casing as it shouldn't affect testing and is a pain in the ass to unsolder) and then check to make sure the switch is working as intended.

If it seems to resolve the issue then take a wire from the centre tab of the tone pot and wire it into the tip (or "hot") side of the switch.

For a tone control to work it only needs a connection to a signal path, which in your case is after both volumes and the switch, and a connection to ground in order to bleed off the treble.

The only other area the trouble could be caused by is the switch wiring, have you modified this or left it as is?

Generally if I have troublesome controls I find it helps to follow the signal path from pickup "hot" wire, into the pot, back out of the pot to the switch then to the output. I can't tell you how many times I have been frustrated by what should be a simple wiring job and then found the problem by starting from scratch and following the wiring.
sic6505+. Thanks for the reply. I have not modified anything yet. I do have a on/on switch I will install later to coil tap. So by "hot" wire do you the red wire that's connected to each volume pot from the pickups? Also when I first started this project the capacitor on the tone was actually connect on the opposite side from where the Dimarzio diagram showed. Im not sure if that changed anything switching it around to follow the dimarzio diagram. I'll undo the tone and get back to you.
There's two sides to a guitars signal path. Ground and what is known as hot. Basically they are interchangeable as far as the pickups are concerned, a pickup is just a wire coil so it doesn't care which way round it goes.

For a 4 conductor pickup you have the start of one coil, which in Dimarzio's case is red. The end of the same coil is the black wire.
Then there is the white wire which starts the next coil and green is the other end.

You could swap the red wires for the green ones and it would have absolutely no effect (as long as you did it to both pickups) as all you are doing is using the coil in the opposite direction.

In your case red is hot and green is ground.

If the capacitor is on the other leg of the pot then really it should change which way you rotate the knob to adjust the tone.

Sorry for the long winded reply, I just like to try and give a bit deeper insight into what is happening in the circuit.
sic6505+ thanks for the reply. Your the first one to really explain what's going on in a way I can understand. Huge help. I'm off work soon and will let you if I get it working.
sic6505+ ok so I opened it back up and the only thing connected to the tone pot and is the white wire from the 3 way switch and the ground on the case and the ground to the input jack. So now I'm confused because there is no "hot" wire to undo correct?
If the wire from the pickup selector is on the middle lug then remove that one. The tone pot should have one of its lugs soldered to its own case which is the ground connection.
sic6505+ yes I've removed that one and it started buzzing very bad and the 3 way no longer worked. The pickups are both still on.
Sorry Vision, Ive not forgotten you, just struggling to think of any more ways to isolate the fault. Is your switch an open type toggle or is it enclosed in a metal box?

You could also try comparing the wiring to another diagram such as https://docs.google.com/gview?embedded=true&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.seymourduncan.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F05%2F2H_3G_2V_1T.pdf

The wires from the pickups will be a different colour but the rest should match
It's an open type. And the thing is these pickups came in the guitar but he had them in the positions, so I took them out and swapped there positions. Ever worked when I got it. He even had a coil tap rigged up. I just can't figure this one out