Nevermind, can tell when I'm not welcome.
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lol what happened
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
Shit. Well I guess I'll reupload it.

It got like 100 something views, no response, and I tried to offer C4C to someone and they proceeded to delete their entire post, so I was like, "welp aight I guess, doesn't look like anyone will pay attention to this anyhow".

First Verse part is kinda experimental. May just take it back to the way the other verses are.
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I really like the main riff dude. It's got a nice groove to it. Same with Verse 2!
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Verse 1 has a bit of a strange feel to it after bar 12, I was not expecting that mode at all, but it doesn't sound bad.

the chorus is actually so sick with that harmonized tremolo picking. 31 and 35 are really good too, esp. that lead guitar. Honestly this is a lot more experimental than I was expecting, and I'm liking it. I mean, it's experimental yet polished.

84 and 88 have that weird major feel to them again, i'm not sure how i feel about it. i guess it makes it less predictable, but is it... good? idk man.

Jesus this solo is good, I'm actually in disbelief that you wrote this hahaha.

Bar 120 reminds me of CAFO by Animals as Leaders lmao.

I'm not sure how well the last chorus works. I mean, I think it should at least go on for another 8 bars if you wanna go with that idea. I'm not sure about having that synth at 130 either, the key change is kind of jarring.

idk i've always thought rokkstar was kind of a cunt. unless he had a fuckin mental breakdown there's no excuse for just fucking deleting your posts to get out of a c4c lmao
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It's obviously very well polished, love all the lead work. The main riff is groovy as hell.

Verse 1 is kinda weird though, a bit too majory for me. At least the trumpet seems a bit too happy.

Mm, taht lead guitar in the chorus though. So good. Not too much of a fan of interlude 1, the major thing is kinda weird still. I think the last chjorus works though if you want it to be triumphant as shit.