Does anyone know what pickups Greg Ginn of black flag uses? If you listen to Wound Up, I'm looking to get that tone with the palm muting.
Might be tough, depending. AFAIK, he used a HSH Fender- whose pickups I know nothing about- and an Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi.

The original Ampeg was designed with 7 different pickup options, all custom made for the design and interchangeable. The rereleased version has only 2: a blade style P90 and a twin blade HB. If Ginn favored one of those, you're OK. If he liked one of the other 5...
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From what I can tell, he used Dimarzio super distortion and JB's They say he sweated and bled so much that he was constantly shorting them out and changing them. So what he was using on the album is anyone's guess.
Hey anyone know his amp settings? I only have an amp and no pedals or way of modifying pickups.sorry if this doesn't help but I also want to get a similar tone