Hello, I often record clean jazzy chord based songs, and it sounds fine on headphones and speakers, but when I play it in my car it sounds scratchy and distorted like it is clipping. No other song that I play in my car has this effect. Can you guys help me find the cause of this? I do not know if I am coming in too hot, it is a speaker issue, mic placement issue, mixing/mastering issue. I have included an audio sample, my setup, and the usual approach I take below.

Audio Sample:

Electric Guitar (Ibanez AF75)
Amp (Roland JC120)
Interface (Behringer Uphoria UMC204 HD)
DAW (Logic X Pro)

Common Mixing/Mastering Process:
1. Record at reasonably low volume
2. add amp sim, and subtle effects
3. Mix to liking
4. Raise volume to match rest of track
5. Use adaptive limiter to increase gain by 2-4db

Thank you.
I'm hearing something only at 0:22 one clip. Not sure what is going on, might be just hand technique.

Try recording direct and trying some sims and watch your gain levels so you don't clip in the DAW. Might want to bump your latency just a touch in case there is a hiccup.

Then compare that with the same performance but done with the Roland miked.

Also - try to take out the limiter from the chain and compare.

Very nice playing btw.
Sounds fine to me.


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I think its a SNR issue, record at a higher volume to eliminate the background hiss. That noise is being amplified during the recording process.