I've got the opportunity to pick up a Mesa DC-3 head for pretty cheap, but I'm hesitant on the purchase. I've never played one, and can't find too much info on them. I know it's a Mesa, but it's got EL84s in it, so that seems like it'll combine the British crunch and Mesa warmth nicely. The distortion sound I'm going for definitely has a distinctive mid-range presence, like mid-80s to early 90s Megadeth. Does anyone know how well the DC-3 does that kind of sound?

Of course, I wont just use it for distortion, I'll certainly use it for cleans or dirty blues and the like. So, should I pick it up or go for something else? If so, suggestions?
Decent amps, not going to be the best metal amps off the bat, but they should handle Megadeth competently. If I am remembering correctly, the one I played was sort of Mark-ish.
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I played a few shows with one a few years back while my Peavey was being repaired. It'll definitely do Megadeth. Plenty of midrange to go around. It was a pretty tight amp depending on how you set it up. And it was the loudest 30 watts I've ever heard.

I didn't spend much time on the cleans while I had it, but I remember them being a little gritty. Maybe that had something to do with it being cranked to the moon all the time. Should be great for blues and I bet with some tweaking you can get some good cleans.

I'm not going to tell you to buy it or not, but if my friend I borrowed it from ever decides to sell it I call dibs!
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