Hello, I have a question.

What are ways to practice that can benefit acoustic-songwriting?
I mostly practice scales now but I don't really think that advances my songs.
Hi, did you check a new guide to writing?
Try to find good chord progressions for melodies.

So you've got a progression and you want to make a song. The first thing to do is listen to it. Does it already dictate a melody? Can you already tell that it should have a high, lilting line rising above the instrumentation, or is it gruff and near discordant?

Now I play with an acoustic guitar and one of my first rules with progressions is that you always have to make it sound interesting, even without words. Take your progression and see if you can use alternate grips. I've always said that you should know three different ways of fingering the same chord, that way you can really create feel with different holds of the same chord.

The only difference with electric and acoustic with regard to this practice is while with the acoustic, I prefer having more open strings so they ring more, with an electric, you can actually use three strings and mute the rest. Pedal effects will give you fullness.

Once you've got your progression straight, commit it to memory then you can start making a melody line. My advice to the beginner is always to just hum or better yet, create nonsense words. I use only L, H, N and T with the vowel sounds sometimes to explore melodic possibilities.

And you can also use scales in suitable parts of the song.
Learn a lot of songs you like and try to pick them apart, see how they work. If you ask me, that is the best songwriting exercise by far.

Also, just write a lot of stuff. Even if what you come up with is mediocre, you're still getting experience if you just keep coming up with your own stuff.
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this is what I do and I've wrote a bunch of songs.
First I want you to enter your mind into the no - judgment zone. You won't be negative or harsh to yourself.

Then , write a bunch of song titles. Don't let yourself stop yourself, let whatever comes out come out.

Then write phrases to the song titles. Catchy phrases emotional phrasess whatever. Build around that phrase. Look at other peoples work and get ideas from it. Make it your own.

Have a nice list of chord progressions to choose from. Set up the lyrics in front of you. Play the chord progression while singing the lyrics to the song. Use your ear to decide if it sounds good or not. If you don't like it , chuck it. If you like it, add or take away lines to it. Record yourself.

When you listen the recording, enter the NO judgement zone. Do not allow yourself to tell yourself negative things. You never know what someone could have wrote a brilliant catchy song but they disregard it because they are thinking negatively about themselves.

Best of luck! :-)