So i really want to know what the rythem chord progression is behind slashes solo in the video linked below

i want to record what ever these chords are and improvise over them myself!
anyone have an idea what the chords are by listening or is there some free program out there that i can plug this audio into and it tell me the chords i really wanna know! its somthing bluesy!
Goes back and forth between Gm and Cm, then Eb D Eb D Gm Cm Gm D. Slight alteration of the basic blues progression.

Edit: Just remembered I was playing on my guitar that I keep tuned a half step down, and I think he's playing a half step down as well, so those chords are actually a half step lower than what I wrote, but you could play those and it would basically sound the same.
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Yes, just to confirm:

It's a standard minor blues sequence in F# minor, which you'd play as G minor if tuned down (which I think he is). In EADGBE, it's:

|F#m - - - |Bm - - - |F#m - - - |F#m - - - |
|Bm - - - |Bm - - - |F#m - - - |F#m - - - |
|D7 - C#7 - |D7 - C#7 - |F#m - Bm - |F#m - D7 - |

The only odd thing is that when the band come in at the beginning - 0:29 after his ad lib intro - they play Bm for the first two bars. The rest of the sequence is then as normal (i.e., they're not starting at bar 5 - or if they are, they play bars 5-9 twice). From 1:22, it's the normal sequence from the start
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