Hey all. I'm an amateur guitarist, been playing for a month now, and I am noticing that I'm progressing a little slower then I would like. I understand that this isn't necessarily a fast process, but as someone who is self-teaching as well as passionate about the instrument, I'd like to see some results a little faster. I'd like to find some sort of tab that pushes my limits without crossing them. The things I'm looking for in a good practice tab are neatly formatted in the following list because I'm a bit of a neat freak.

  • Not slow but not necessarily fast either (moderate tempo)
  • Nothing excessively complicated (as in wanting me to hit 5 on the E string and 15 on the e string)
  • In regards to that last one, I don't want to have to shred or play a bunch of 16th's in fast succession either

Perhaps I'm being a bit picky with this, and if I am please don't be afraid to tell me that I am, but I just want some good practice. Also, all genres of musc are accepted, but if you could cater to my nerd side and nude me towards some movie/video game tabs, I'd be extremely happy. Thanks!

Pretty sure this won't get me banned...