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I think it is a great idea to add that button, it would make things easier for everyone (:

Not a single request that has been fulfilled in the past three days has been closed correctly and authors' haven't gotten points for the requests because UG Robot hasn't posted in the threads. For example

abruhanov looks like we have an interesting feature to do
abruhanov mendace NSpen1  - I just submitted a bonanza request but the site did not give me the correct points or show up in the request to mark it as published. Could someone check this at their convenience? Thanks

Song is "Drunk Pretty" by Halestorm

Update (8hrs later) - This song finally got marked as published but no bonanza points yet. I also submitted a solo tab for "Dear Daughter" by Halestorm and got no bonus points as well. Something's not right.
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jjhand but I see that you got 26 IQ for Halestorm - Drunk Pretty (tab) and 31 IQ for Halestorm - Dear Daughter Solo (tab).
abruhanov the solo tab looks right but the 'Drunk Pretty' tab was a bonanza request also. I think it should have been 46 IQ

I also submitted Pvris - "Nola 1" tab as a bonanza request today and only received 21 IQ. It looks like the bonus point awarding software is still down. 
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jjhand very strange things, I can't see any problems with UG robot, but you really should have gotten IQ bonus for bonanza.
It seems like UG Robot's still not posting about fulfilled requests, it's been five days since it posted anything at all so something's not right

Are you putting it in the correct forum?

Are you putting the artist and song details in the right place? If it's a special acoustic or live version, are you checking the boxes to indicate such? If you're looking for a chord chart, is "chords" selected?

Does the song already have a submission of the same type and part?
NeoMvsEu I’ve double checked it and done it several times sir. I even tried other songs to make sure it wasn’t just that song. It tells me Access Denied on all of them

Sorry for "sir" thing. Basically whole song will be helpful...I've tried by listening but it kept getting messed up...., if not then, Intro, verse and solo part will be ok...
NeoMvsEu Cul-De-Sac by The Wonder Years and the whole song if you can. If not, the rhythm would be just fine and I apologize for the “sir”
abruhanov  I noticed that the 'skip' and 'not interested' links on the tab request part of the main page are not functioning. They are connected to the 'submit' link instead. 
Hi! Whenever I try and make a tab request, it always takes me to the screen saying 'ACCESS DENIED!', is there any way that this could be fixed please?