I have found this weird strat at local shop, which I can't find any information about. It's an HSS with maple neck, black body and matching pickguard, comes with a gig bag. Store has it labelled as USA pro (???) and the salesman couldn't really give any insight about it except that it's some sort of limited run from around 2012. He also mentioned that the bridge pickup is a Shawbucker, but I really doubt it (they were out in 2015 weren't they?). Another unusual thing is that it had a coil split on volume knob.
So my queston is - does anyone have any insight on quality of those guitars? If so, how would it compare to a regular american strat (if you discount case inculded with the standard, they go for a similar price).
I would call fender.

It doesn't sound familiar to me.

I agree that the shawbuckers weren't released then. that sounds a little screwy.

do you have a picture of the headstock?
Unfortunately, no. It played pretty good, however there are just too many fishy things about it. Propably gonna pass on this one, since I can't find any traces of the supposed "usa pro" series.
are you sure it's from as early as 2012? i thought they were more recent, but i could well be wrong.

I think they were a bit like mixing specs from the USA standard and USA special models. I haven't tried one, though, but on what i said about the specs, if prices are similar i'd go with the USA standard (assuming that's what you meant when you said "regular american strat").

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USA Pro did come out a few years back. can't say I've played one but I know it had a couple of upgraded features. pretty sure the humbucker isn't a Shawbucker. I wouldn't pay any real premium for one but if around the same price as a US standard then may be worth getting