This is me writing without thinking, just a non stop stream of consciousness, I put whatever came into my head so it's kind of an eyesore but regardless...

Frozen in fisticuffs, Who are we fighting
Frozen in fisticuffs, Tension is rising
Streetside brawl eats the brain from my skull, Forks and knives dip to the mountain's tip
Snowmen fly and winter is ney, As bells explode and earlobes unfold
The twisted tangled path inside of the fortress, Scrapping the walls like a tunnel to bus
Mutant bloodhounds pick up the slack, No one minds sittin' creepers in the back
Frozen in Fisticuffs a generational curse, No one speaks only looks for the worst
In everyone, there is purple rage, In everything a denial caged

To the sky where words dance and dare to escape, To the space where all but the dead drape
Stars illusions in the ridiculous painting, Chipping away the path and bending the railing
No one gets inside only to feed the fires, No one can see as they touch the lighter
What explodes in pockets arrives from stations, In which trains dock boxers to erode in nations
No one agreed with the immoral judge, Humanity takes it up to beaten and bulge

Frozen in fisticuffs, How could you move
When it pushes you down to the convertor belt grooves, Frozen in fisticuffs
Goodbye chunks of flesh, Who needs eyeballs when it's dim light at best
The guts that rain from the factory's ceiling, Fly in an envelop for a lickfold sealing
It's your destiny unwrapped and delivered away, Who will receive it, will it make the way
To heighten ones senses you must lose a few, Increased awareness or time on a constant fuse
Tick tick on it, the toaster cooks, Beep beep hit it, take a few more looks
It's not toasty if it's not boasty, Tell all your friends

Humanity moves like Lego blocks
If it can be done once, it can be done a bunch
Get me the manuel, get me a bag
I need something to wipe off this dust, hand me the rag
Ha I found it, finally at last
The piece under the carpet my foot had blast
It really hurts when you step on these
It really hurts when you cut your knees
Ribbon up now, ribbon up tight
Let no one see where the bed bugs bite
Straighten up high, straighten up right
Today turns to new it's no longer tonight
Last edited by PoptartHero at Jan 30, 2017,
Reads like what you say it is. Freestyle angry frustrated apocalyptic-image-laden slam bomb! [ That's a compliment - well done].
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