So I've been searching for second-hand guitars in my country for the budget of 237-332$ (1000-1400 ron in my country) and here are the following guitars that I found interesting.. I'm looking for a somewhat versatile guitar (as much as it is possible at this budget) with the main attention on soloing and hard rock-ish sound. But as I investigated most of the guitars I found are mostly for metal (not a big problem). After i buy he guitar I will try to buy a ~100$ second-hand amplifier, my main focus is on the guitar for now (a cheeper orange, marshall bedroom amp)
The guitars that I found:
-ltd M100FM *
-Ibanez S521 *
-Ibanez RG321mh
-Ibanez SA120
Edit: -Ibanez RG R321EX

I think that from what I've read about the guitars I like the first two the most... What are your thoughts? Thanks for helping.
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I'd say the RG Ibanez - the S body is very light and weak sounding, especially with the budget Ibanez pickups. I don't like Ibanez stock pickups in anything but the LTD which has the better pickups, is with a Floyd Rose licensed trem and at this price range I'd stay away from locking tremolo as they're really low end built from ultra cheap components and you're asking for trouble.
It is much easier to swap a pickup down the line that have to put in or repair Floyd Rose tremolo.
diabolical Thanks for the advice! Th rg is actually the cheapest at 189$ meaning that I would have like 140$ left for an (second-hand) amp or maybe a pickup in the future.. There is actually a RG R321 EX with emg's for the same price but I think that would be to heavy and also has a locking trem.
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Those EMG's are actually Designed By EMG passives, not real EMG's...in case you weren't aware.

I'd recommend the Ibanez hardtail, too. One difference between the MH and EX is mahogany vs basswood. Did the EX come with a tremolo? I've only seen hardtails, but I'm no authority on Ibanez.

I have noticed some of the hardtail MH and EX Ibanez come with a vintage Strat style bridge and some have the high mass Ibanez bridge. Those high mass bridges are extremely comfortable under your picking hand. I had one on an RGA420 once.