I'm looking to sell my black 12-string acoustic electric ibanez. The model number is a1012e and i cant locate any information on this type of model. Everything is either a 1512 or 2012. Does anyone know about how much these usually run? I believe i paid around $350-$400 for it about five years ago.
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Just judging by the lower number, it might simply be a precursor to those other models. Or, it could possibly be from another line of guitars numbered as the "1xxx" series. Ibanez has a fairly wide range of acoustic and A/E instruments. The company changes models fairly frequently, and even the same model may, or may not be targeted for, sold or not sold in a specific country, or have a guitar model discontinued in one country, still available in another.

I'm sorry if that doesn't help. The guitar is most likely of all laminate construction. Which could be good or bad, depending on if it's been tuned to concert pitch these past years. The laminate might take a bit more abuse than a comparable solid top instrument.

The Ibanez website, (IIRC) carries quite bit of information of their product. Each type usually leads to a full page of information, including inset pictures of the electronics face plate, scale length and whatnot.

If at some point you take the time to share the body style and size with us, we may, or more likely may nor, be able to shed more light on the instrument.

I can tell you that unless this was a very old MIJ offering, the resale value is not going to be much over 1/2 your purchase price.Selling an older 12 string can be difficult, mostly dependent on the height or the action, and if it can be brought down to spec without a neck reset. Those darned 12 strings do, unfortunately, lead a turbulent and difficult life.

The comparative rarity of 12 strings, when compared to their 6 string siblings is going to make ID'ing and selling your guitar, somewhat tricky.

You could:

Scoot off an email to ibanez at their website.

Scour YouTube for video demos of Ibby 12 strings.

Hit this website and hope for the best http://www.jedistar.com/jedistar_vintage_guitar_dating_a.htm

Take the little devil to a local pawnshop, ask them what it is, and what it's worth. (If you get quote, feign being offended, and storm out of the shop).

Sorry I couldn't be of more help
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This is a pic of the guitar in question. I will add the output jacks and tuners shortly
This is a pic of the guitar in question. I will add the output jacks and tuners shortly. Fyi i only have 6 strings on at the moment and need to restring it also
This is a few pics of the guitar in question. Fyi i only have 6 strings on it at the moment and need to restring it also. So just disregard the 6 missing strings
I do apologize, the site wont recognize the pic file. Didnt realize it posted/replied so many times. As soon as i can convert the file i will upload the pics. Possibly someone will see and can shed the light on it. I also took your advice and emailed ibanez. I plan on bringing it into a guitar center soon for trade-in sale. Just wanted to know what to expect for the dollar value