I've been wondering it for a while, maybe I'm being a b*tch, but if I'm playing guitar and my brother starts playing at the same time in his bedroom, I simply lose my concentration. Specially if I'm trying to play something that is roaming in my head, any noise will make it fade away from my mind in a heart beat. Does it happen to you too?
Nope, I trained to block out acoustic drums being played when I was on piano so I can block out just about anything if I can still hear myself playing
If I'm tuning a piano it's the same, can deal with noise within reason
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Yes. That's why I haven't left my room in 15 yrs

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what you really need is a new amp to drown out the sound of your brothers amp
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Yeah, I'm being a b*tch lol.

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you ever plan on playing live?

One day, when I finally feel ready to leave my room.

Yes. That's why I haven't left my room in 15 yrs

Can relate to it

Thanks for answering, guys!
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Not really. I often play guitar when watching TV so it's natural for me. Never a big deal, though it can be hard to focus all the way at times, depending on how engaged I am on the other stuff going on. But when I plug in I don't hear anything else!
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Only noise I can properly complain about is the highway across the street from our house. Motorcycles and sirens are the worst.

Besides that, my dad plays guitar too and does it just across the other room from mine. He doesn't play on the amp, but he still plays loud enough for me to hear. Can't say I like that, but I can't hear it when I close my door, so I can't complain.
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I usually play with the TV going in the background anyway.

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I usually play with the TV going in the background anyway.

Actually, yeah, I do the same. In fact I hardly even watch TV. I just have it on for background noise so it doesn't feel awkward in my room.
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You lost me at "Lubricate."

I'm raw, like nature. Nature boy. Big jungle leaves are my cum rags.

Sometimes I fuck a bamboo shoot.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
The only noise that bothers me is the sound of my own playing
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Generally no but in my old band the lead guitar player felt complelled to oodle around everytime the rest of the band had stopped to work out an arrangement etc.

Man I wanted to wrap his guitar around his neck he was worried about oodling around when he should have been paying attention to what was going on, not to mention the fact that we could not hear each other talk, but then again he could never come out of a solo in time and jump back into the song, or jump back into a song if he got lost.
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Yes, but then I stop playing and for some reason, the unbearable noise stops too.
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If it's loud enough that I have difficulty hearing the other people I'm playing with, that's a bother.
It's not uncommon to be distracted by other music if you're concentrating on learning an unfamiliar piece of music.

TV or voices aren't nearly as distracting as someone else noodling on their guitar while you're concentrating, so I can understand.

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Like Stewie said above if you ever plan on playing live you better get over it. Playing clubs and bars is a very distracting affair lots of noise and people shouting and other non-stop distractions. You just get use to blocking it out and concentrate on what you are doing. Your brother might be helping you in long run.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
Playing songs live that you've already rehearsed is far different than working on ideas that are to quote the OP 'roaming in my head'.

Nothing much could distract me while playing stuff I know, but learning and/or creating something new while someone is messing around on a guitar within earshot is a different situation.
Perhaps I've misunderstood the OP.
Back when I played viola in orchestra, over time, I got trained to listen selectively to certain other players within my section and other sections so I can stay together with the orchestra. Other times, I trained to completely ignore what others are playing, and still be able to play without being distracted. (Ever been to a solo/regional orchestra competition, and walk into the waiting room (usually in a school cafeteria), and there's tons of others playing different songs at different speeds. You just got to learn how to block out other sounds, and focus on what you're playing.

Nowadays since I've switched over to e-guitar, I have no problem with my college roommates playing piano, watching TV (on loud), chatting with friends; I either just play without any external speakers, or plug and play it through my laptop and out through my headphones. Not a big deal. Though for someone just starting to learn to block out external noise, I'll agree that it's difficult at first.

Try this: Doing your homework, with music (by music I mean that fast LOUD stuff) playing through headphones. If you can still somewhat focus on your homework, you're on your way to learning how to block out external noise. Eventually, replace homework with your guitar, and play when your brother has something playing in his room, try to remain focused on your playing, don't keep track of what he's playing, don't try to follow what he's playing. Focus only on what you're playing. And over time, you'll find that blocking external noise gets easier to where you don't really need to think about it, and you'd still be able to play in noisy areas without getting distracted
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This Doesnt bother me because I use amplitube 4 and a pair of headphones good sound and no disturbance!
doesn't bother me in the slightest, unless im actively trying to engage an audience i can pretty much ignore any distractions and carry on with the song
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I'm pretty good at ignoring background noise but it still pisses me off. If you destory your brother's gear he won't be able to play louder than you. Bear that in mind.
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Nope. I have multiple sound cancelling headphones that even block out industrial sounds, so I would barely even hear a shotgun.

Edit: oh you meant without headphones. Well the sound from your amp should be louder because it's closer. Maybe you need a new amp!
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Yes. That's why I haven't left my room in 15 yrs

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If noise bothered me when i played i would have to stop as soon as i started playing.
Somewhat related: I see people wearing these at concerts, but have never tried them yet and really don't want to. Guess it would help to stand in the back/balconies sometimes instead of up front.
Okay I do that. No earplugs
Yeah noise bothers me, usually I just ask the bass player to turn it down
I pretty much ignore any outside stimuli.
TV playing in the background while I play is something I do to.
Crowds, during a show, I pretty much ignore until a few songs in, then I get into them and suck their energy like a vampire.
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Somewhat related: I see people wearing these at concerts, but have never tried them yet and really don't want to. Guess it would help to stand in the back/balconies sometimes instead of up front.
Okay I do that. No earplugs

Depends how regularly you go to gigs or perform. If you are exposed to loud music frequently, I would recommend getting a pair of earplugs. Some are fairly inexpensive (mine are like, 10 quid), but you can shell out in excess of 100 quid on professional pairs that are moulded to your ear. Even the cheap ones help to take off the top end at a loud gig - you can still hear the music, but it just takes away the higher frequencies that cause tinnitus and hearing loss. 

On topic, if I'm performing, I don't really get distracted by audience noise unless it's a small gig and everyone is talking. If I'm in a guitar shop or someone else is playing something different to me, then I do get  a little bit distracted and find it quite annoying.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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donender is correct. I myself work at a local auto shop and I'm pretty much expose to loud noises daily specially if we install some truck parts like lift kits etc. And yes ear plugs can help not only it minimize the noise it also protects your drums.
It's something you sort of have to get used to I think. Especially with music how it's sound and everything, you have to get used to training your ears to focus specifically on the sound from your instrument, and trying to not let the other noises around you take precedence. 

I don't know if you have ever noticed this, but I am sure you've experienced it before, when you focus hard enough and long enough on something, you tend to lose track of everything else around you, and sort of go into the 'zone' sort to speak, and that's what you need to always remember and try to reach this state. I think that as a musician, having quiet and only being able to hear yourself is an important thing, I have always been really sensitive to sounds and noise as well, but when playing live, it's just one of those things you have to get used to a bit. You have to get used to playing around or blocking out distractions I guess is what I mean. We're all different though. I imagine that with some people, at least with writing songs it's probably really important for them to have some quiet and peace to play in, but it's not always a given thing. 

I don't know if you live in a city or town, but living in a city, noise pollution is pretty much a given and way of life. 
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Another thing, but if not your home, there's probably public places you can go or find to play music and the guitar. For example, I used to like to go to the park alot and practice/play the guitar and it was usually pretty quiet. Parks are pretty quiet as a  fact generally. Another horrible thing though, if you expect to play music in a quiet place, get used to others not appreciating or accepting this fact. Quiet places filled with people don't generally want musicians around. 
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