Has anyone played with A mexican buit Tele?

I saw one online, liked the look but before travelled 1 hour t go pick it up I wanted everyone opinion on it.

Is it as heavy as a strat MIM
MIM Fenders vary quite a lot in weight, there's really no saying how one single MIM Tele will compare. On average the MIM teles and strats weigh about the same, with the strats probably a shade lighter on average. Again, this means nothing if you're talking about one specific instrument. It could be anything.
MIM Teles are good guitars. they have ceramic pickups like the MIM strats which may or may not suit you (easy fix though). weight wise they seem to be about the same or perhaps a little more from those I've played. not really heavy though.
And do you guys enjoy playing with this guitar? Besides what a website can tell me,
what is the difference between American and MIM from a users point of view?
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And do you guys enjoy playing with this guitar? Besides what a website can tell me,
what is the difference between American and MIM from a users point of view?

I'm far more of a strat guy than a tele guy but "enjoy playing" is kind of a vague term . in terms of differences most are specs which the websites will tell you. MIM tele uses the traditional 21 fret neck. the pickups are ceramic instead of alnico and a few other minor differences. US standard has 22 frets and uses somewhat better materials and craftsmanship (on paper at least.). Fender's Mexican made guitar lines are pretty solid guitars and tend to be well made. they usually lean toward a more traditional style (although they have some modern models as well). in order to keep the price down some shortcuts are taken but most of those are an easy fix (pickups mainly). it's advised to play a few when possible as quality control varies a little and some just seem to be "better" than others. best I can tell you is t go try the guitar. I realize it's a road trip but only way YOU will know if it's right for you.
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Ive also seen this guitar im interested in!


nice guitar but the sellers math is a bit off. $1000 guitar + $250 pickups doesn't add up to $1400 last time I looked. $850 is a bit steep for that guitar (at least in the US)

The colours are insane!
I have had a ton of MIM fenders i am sure over a dozen. they can be a little spotty sometimes but when you find a good one, KEEP it.

the USA stds are quite a bit nicer IMO. I have three USA teles (one USA std and two higher model USA), they feel a cut or two above unanimously IMO.
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