Every couple of years I get bored with my pedal board and make a new one. I decided on making one with a slotted top to it this time around since I want to hide all cables and power supply cords. I had the idea to do an American flag with each slat being the stripes, and maybe the upper left hand corner solid (where the 50 stars are)and putting some hinges on the star portion, turning it into a little trap door for picks and whatnot. Here's the issue:

Is it wrong or in bad taste to do this since I will be essentially stepping on said pedal board that looks like my nation's flag? Especially in light of the somewhat recent events that have been taking place with people standing/stomping on American flags? Bad idea or is it all in my head...

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I think it would be in bad taste primarily because it sounds pointless and tacky It seems like one of those ideas that sounds better than it looks, and to me a pedalboard isn't a great canvas for anything more sophisticated than a splash of color or maybe a stripe if you're getting fancy. Once you get a reasonable number of pedals on it, a "flag" board is not going to look much like a flag any more, and you'll be left with a confused jumble covering up what might be vaguely recognizable (at a short distance, and from an angle not usually seen by the audience) as a flag. I have to wonder what the point of this is. It's not exactly exciting art and it's hardly a strong or necessary statement of patriotism or whatever. If you just want your board to look cool there are easier ways of doing that, and if you're trying to make a statement this probably isn't an effective medium.

That's my two cents, anyway. I think it's unlikely anyone will notice or care enough to make a problem of it, but aesthetically - no thanks.
You are probably right on the "sounds better than it looks" aspect of it. I wouldn't be too worried about not being able to make out what the image is since I do not use many pedals in my lineup. I also keep them somewhat spaced out so I can engage a pedal without looking down when I play out. Not sure why I came up with the idea though just throwing it out there. Like I said I get bored easily and I am good with woodworking so I enjoy building things especially projects I can whip out in a few hours.

Thanks for your thoughts, even though you hate america
It wouldn't be distasteful in terms of Americans stepping on flags, but it would look distasteful because it would look incredibly naff.

Just spray it black.
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Spray paint it white, and mount red LEDs underneath...

Honestly, I wouldn't do it (and I have an American flag Teleclone): while it isn't illegal in any enforceable sense, you will eventually run into someone who will take offense that you're "stepping on the flag". And who knows what mental state or level of sobriety that person will be in? So why borrow trouble?
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Can you make it look like another countries flag? Pick a small country like Tokelau, only 1100 people to piss off.
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