Doe's it Suffer the low volume thing like the digitech drop?...

And what i'm talking is when you turn your amp down real low you can hear the original guitar sound along with the effect?
SolidusArmor I have a Drop and never had that problem, unless it's the fact that when your amp is quiet your guitar can be louder than the amp.
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SolidusArmor still sounds like an odd problem. How can something like that happen? It makes no sense to me. If there's an anomaly in the tone at low volume it should be there at high volumes. I use my drop at both bedroom and stage volumes and hear no issues with it.
SolidusArmor You are probably just hearing the acoustic sound of the guitar strings against the pitch-shifted tone. I do not have the problem (or at least have not noticed it) with my Drop. If you are running your Drop through the amp's effects loop (which you probably should not be doing) there could be some crosstalk between the preamp signal and the effects loop lines.