I'm new too all this
But my question is on TPA I see some users commenting 'comment made e.c,t' (rate before appeal -5) or -3. -1 e.c.t
What is this ??
GuitarTab247, this happens when a user votes for a tab that later gets rejected. The tab author has to appeal the rejection to be able to edit the tab and let people review it again. All votes are removed from the tab when the author appeals and the rate before appeal message shows how users voted before the tab was removed from the queue

Example: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/contribution/submit/approval?id=1940723
1. I voted to reject with -5 points and the tab was rejected
2. The author appealed the rejection
3. The tab was brought back to the queue and my "comment" changed to (rate before appeal: -5)