Ok guys. I have a two month old hellraiser c 1 frs. I've played it maybe 15 xs in my home only. I picked it up yesterday and there wasn't any sound unless I strummed hard. I figured dead batteries. Changed those today and still no good. I popped the cover and didn't see anything out of place. I then popped the battery tray and there were two wires off. I soldered them back in place and still nothing. I switched the wires figuring maybe i crossed them but no. I spoke to the tech and he said pop out the pickups and check connection. Looked fine. I placed it all back together and noticed the knob on the tone pot was loose. I pulled up on the knob and the guitar worked. I then proceeded to tighten things down and drool to play. And nothing again. As I was pulling the cable out of the jack it again worked. But i could only get it to work with the cable halfway in. After screwing around with that for an hour I determined the jack is bad. Tech said he would mail out a new jack. Now as I sit here tonight I thought how the hell did all this happen. I've been messing with things and I can get sound on the neck pickup and in the middle position as normal. With the cable all the way in. I cant get anything on the bridge unless I strum hard. However if I turn the sustainiac on i lose sound from all switch positions unless I strum hard. Now with the cable halfway in i get sound from all three poitions but only if the sustainiac is off. What the heck is going on here?
Thank you.
It's very likely a bad switch. Especially since you get sound on some pickup positions but not on others.

Spray some deoxit inside the switch and move it around a bunch.
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