Hi. I feel really bummed out and feel stupid. I accidently plugged in my 4x12 cabinet, Marshall MX, into my bugera 333xl amp line out jack. The amp popped with a puff of smoke and shut off, it won't turn back on. Did I ruin my cabinet and amp? Is it fixable? How much would it cost to fix?
You likely killed just the amp. Take it to a local tech to get a quote for the repair.
If it was just a pop it might just be a fuse and some caps. Risk the loss of the transformer though.

I agree get it to a tech. If just a fuse or caps should be easy for him. If the transformer, then that will be spendy.
You've likely blown the output transformer up. For an amp like a Bugera, that's probably not worth fixing.

Buy a new amp.
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You've likely blown the output transformer up. For an amp like a Bugera, that's probably not worth fixing.

Buy a new amp.

+1 unfortunately
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Your speaker cab is fine, the amp not so much, as has been said take it to a tech for a look over, maybe you got lucky and its an easy fix.
Going from the line out to a cab? Actually nothing should have happened, My guess is you have one of the older pre Infinium Bugeras and it was just a coincidence that the magic smoke escaped at the same time you tried to supply your cab with 3v, .010mh line level power, (not enough to shock a piss ant) Give or take of course for those that know anything about amps, how they work or how to repair them, Granted I'm not a Bugera expert but I doubt they put the line out circuit on the pre or power amp side of the circuit, Meaning that smoking a transformer is highly unlikely, Pop, smoke and shut down? I'd guess a capacitor. But then again being a Bugera? Fried the PCB, Throw the amp away, Cabs fine, I've actually been screwing around with an 09 first gen TriRec Infinium, Had it apart last year for a bad internal switch/relay, easy fix and found two questionable 12ax7 on the preamp side, replaced them with some old but good Slovtek's out of my Kustom, So 9 out of 11 valves are still the stock Bugera's and its still running strong, Its an experiment, don't judge guys,