I got a big fender amp combo and I would like to instead of miking the amp which i can't becuase of the place that Im playing at (to many problems) i have to only use the P.A system as my speakers.

What do I have to have to buy to connect my amp combo directly to the P.A. system and get basicaly the same sound as if it was miked (with the mic). So instead of using my amp's speaker I want to use the P.A. system's speaker and still get an excellent sound. Alternatives that can help will be aporeciated please, I'm playing at a high quality level so I need good stuff. Leave from cheap to expensive things ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Hmm...... you seem to contradict yourself here.

"instead of miking the amp which i can't becuase of the place that Im playing at (to many problems) i have to only use the P.A system as my speakers."

" I'm playing at a high quality level"

I guess *you* are playing at a high quality level, but your venue sure isn't.

Going direct from an amp like that will give you less-than-desirable results, no matter what you do.

Now, my own live rig has evolved into just what you're asking about, and won't ask for a big investment, if you already have an iPad or IPhone.

I use an iRig HD (about $75) and plug my guitar into it, and that into my iPad. I use the JamUP Pro app (about $40 for the entire selection of amp models, effects, etc.). I have a floor controller for changing patches. It is called "Blueboard" (less than $100) and works wirelessly via bluetooth. And then, into that, I have a midi expression pedal that can be set up on various patches to act either as a wah or a volume pedal. (about $60 for one of the better ones).

The iPad goes direct to the PA and you're good to go. No humping big cabinets up flights of stairs.... out of the car and across my yard and into my basement after getting home from a gig at 3:30 am....

I show up with my guitars, my guitar stand, and a little vinyl bag with my ipad and stuff in it.

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what kind of fender amp? What other gear do you have?

Why can't you mic your amp?

EDIT: You made this exact thread in the "gear" section three days ago and tab talk and you got about 50 replies, most of which were very complete and helpful. I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by reposting the same questions but I don't see how you'll get more and better answers than the ones you already got.
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Leave the amp home and use a Pod, Tonelab, Helix, or other DSP instead. Never gonna get great cab-voiced guitar tone out of the back of your amp. There are load boxes that "claim" great guitar tone. They generally suck.
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