So I'm trying to recreate this effect to essentially be identical. I've got it close using a patch I downloaded for my axefx but I still can't get the pattern quite right and honestly I have absolutely no idea what part of the signal change i would need to change..
I'll admit I'm not the best when it comes to effects. Fortunately having an axefx I can get almost every effect I want quite easily, but this is one I can't quite get..

Here is a picture of the signal chain:

Here is a quick clip of the effect I currently have. Excuse the awful audio quality.

Whilst it's nearly there, that whole arpeggio pattern sequencing thing isn't quite there.

Is anyone here able to explain exactly how this effect works so I can make the fine adjustments and understand how to get it the way i need.

Thanks a lot in advance
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What a neat sound. It sounds most like a step filter but the octaves are so defined I would not be surprised if the guitar sounds were sampled and played through keys. The rhythm is eighth notes, the filtering is in octaves which the pattern is down, up, up, down, up, up, down, up. You would have to have a really clean step filter, set at a bpm that is eighth notes relative to the bpm to the song, and in that filtering pattern. I think the "clean-ness" comes from a really tight Q, which is how wide the frequency range is that the step filter "steps" to. Essentially it is focusing on just 2 octaves, so a very small band (for example, E at 82hz to E at 164hz)

It sounds like the bpm of the step filter of your recording is just a little too fast, and the pattern is just a bit off as well. I have also noticed with step filters that you have to hit all the notes in the chord very fast, almost instantly, or you could end up with mush until the chord tones are all ringing out. Another issue as well is that step filters typically do not START when you start- the start whenever the effect is on, they have no triggering, and they step-filter continually. So YOU have to start when the rhythm of the step filter is at the beginning, it cannot follow you. If you have MIDI controlled gear (which AXE-FX can do MIDI controlled stuff I think) you should be able to get solid results if you line up your playing to a click track which you can put MIDI cues to which will cue the effect to start exactly on the downbeat of 1. That is a realm I am not familiar with though, I just know it exists.

Have you seen if anyone has made an AXE-FX patch for this song? Maybe someone has done the work for you. :p
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Thanks a ton for the help Will.

I've finally got home and am having a play with the arpeggiator. I can't quite figure it out and i seem to have made it worse.. I tried changing the tempo to 1/8 but that didn't sound right at all. 1/16 seems to be correct.
Here's a picture of the original patch:

Sorry to be a pain, but do you know roughly what i'd need to change here?

I'll keep screwing around with it but it feels like i'm only making it worse


I'm 95% sure that the arpegiattor pattern is correct, and that now leaves me with even more questions.. even playing in time to it still doesn't change things. Very confused right now..
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vayne92 Hmm. There should be a master BPM feature somewhere. The 1/16 or 1/8 should be 16th or 8th notes relative to a tempo. So the actual BPM tempo has to be somewhere. The BPM of the song is 125.

I am really not sure what those parameters mean without actually playing with it and listening. I am thinking the amount of stages is how many "steps" the arpeggiator will take within the time frame given. So how you have it set up now is it will take 16 steps in 16th notes, relative to the master BPM.

What you could try is, again, setting the master bpm to 125, setting the tempo to 1/8, and reduce the 16 steps to 8 as I only hear 8 actual steps in the original pattern. I think the actual octave shifting is between an octave DOWN and an octave UP. So the shifting stages would look like:


Or it may be an octave down to played pitch, so:


I'd also play with the glide time as that will help you get that synthy feel. The glide time should be how long it takes for the pitches to switch to each other, with a little bit of glissando in between. Your recording sounds a little bit too tight, increase the glide time just a bit.
I fucking got it... I got it the exact same.

Everything you said was right and helped so much in figuring it out, but it is in fact in 1/16 notes. I did find the master tempo and tried switching it to 250bpm at 1/8th notes but it still wasn't right, which made no sense to me because there is in fact 8 notes as you said. Turns out my hearing needs to be a little more acute because between every note was in fact that zero value which was in the original preset..

The actual only single difference between the correct setting and the original preset was the values are all inverse. I tried so many different things and of course it ends up being the most obvious solution..

So it ended up looking like this:

The original being:

So so similar the 2 of them but yet so different.

Thanks a bunch for your help man. You really helped me understand this effect, and i now feel confident enough to be able to navigate and use the effect for other purposes.


PS: The thing that helped me the most with this was you making me realise that i have to play a long to the arpeggiator and that it wont play along to me :|
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