Hey all, I'm looking at getting some decent monitors, im looking at a few used options
These are my local options atm

Genlec 1030A

SBX10+Bx5 Maudio

Maudio Bx5 D2

Which would you choose and why?
Ive read good things about them both. I wold like to possibly use them with Amplitube to jam and such...is this a possibility with any of these or is there not enough power to get over drums? Also if i'm going used is there anything I should be looking out for when buying?
Thanks for any help/info
The genelec is ok. But that guy only has one for sale. Not two. You'd most likely need at least 2
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no experience with any of those monitors u link to, but my monitors do get very, very loud, so i wouldnt worry about that so much, plus it depends how anal u are about ur guitar tone i guess

dunno if a sub is that necessary for playing guitar tbh, a sub is really useful for mixing sub heavy music, if thats sommit ur gonna do, but most 7/8 inch cones will be hitting those freq's anyway, so its not like ur gonna be missing them without one.

i'd say adams a7x, yamaha hs8, and the presonus equivalent whatever that is called, in that kinda price range will do u ok probs

also bare in mind you'll need an interface, if you havent got one already

also once u start getting monitors, you need to start thinking about acoustics tbh

edit: also krks are shit imo, but thats from a production standpoint.. the midrange hump might be quite pleasant for guitars?