Hello all. I'm a total electric noob and was checking out an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. A budy of mine has one given to him as a gift a while back that literally has less than 1/2 hr playing time on it (28 min, me, this morning. Lol).

Anyhow, as a complete electric noob, I noticed the neck was sticky. Extremely sticky.

Is this something specific to brand? A characteristic of all electrics? Something that goes away?

Any input would be appreciated as I can get this guitar from him for almost free but if this is a persistent issue, I wonder if it would be worth it at all.

Thanks in advance.
It happens on almost any guitar with a glossy neck from time to time. It helps to clean it.

Another thing you can do is to rub a scotchbrite pad over the back of the neck. The scratches it leaves behind break the surface tension between the neck and your hand, making it glide a lot more easily than if the neck is glossy.

But for a guitar that's so new, I'd consider returning it if it becomes a really annoying problem. Scuffing up the back of the neck will void any warranty.
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Quote by Axelfox
I doubt you can return it as its coming from a friend - so here are some solutions

1. make sure the neck is clean - gloss necks will be a bit sticky but it never hurts to make sure there isn't other gunk on there - over time from playing the gloss will wear down a bit and become more manageable.

2. you can "rough up" the neck a bit to turn it into more of a satin finish, very fine sand paper or steel wool will do the trick.

3. you could get some wipe on poly satin finish and apply it to the neck, it would just go on as a top coat over the gloss but with a satin finish, a couple of coats of that and you would probably be happy.
Try rubbing alcohol to get the sticky off of it. I would suggest mineral spirits but idk what kind of finish it has. Try buffing it with real wool or even printer paper if you think the finish is getting sticky. I would try those two very less aggressive polishing materials first but many people matte the necks with steel wood and stratch pads and ive even seen people sand the finish off down to the wood, or use silicone lube.
I typically, like T00DEEPBLUE said degloss necks IF i am going to keep it. I use #0000 steel wool, but scotch bright pads work roo. but don't do it on his. lol.