What's the difference between the two? I've watched through some youtube videos, but most of them seem to be showing off how skilled the guitarist is, rather than playing the same riff on the two different amps to show where each one shines in.

So in general, whats the (sound) difference between the two?
I'm asking mainly out of curiosity, and partly because there's this "Tube Amp Pro" setting on my phone.
I'm curious.
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what's a "normal amp? try again with this and be more specific as to what you are talking about
I thought tube amps were normal amps .

There are various categories:
- Tube
- Solid State
- Modeling
- Hybrid

For certain styles of music non-tube amps sound sterile to many people, although non-tube amps tend to be more reliable, cheaper, and lighter. You can do a web search to find many debates on various forums. In the end you'll need to try to options out yourself to see what you like the sound of.
They are.
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Please just google "tube vs solid state amps" and spare us another one of these threads.