How do you guys feel about picking Arpeggio's from making the chord shape? I been trying to learn some scales and also learning what arpeggio's are and it seems to me the arpeggio is just the chords individual notes pick, so why should I play arpeggio's like a scale, when I can make the chord shape and pick the notes from the chord shape? Anytime that I've done arpeggio's that way the notes sound musical and quite nice, anytime I do scales it sounds like robotic garbage.

What do yall think about picking arpeggio notes from a chord scale vs playing them like a scale ( 1 fret per finger) type of thing ?
They're both useful approaches. It just depends how open or closed you want the arpeggio to sound. Closer voicings tend to be more melodic in general, while chord-shape arpeggios can contain large intervals that aren't very useful melodically. This is especially true with 7th chords.

And remember that arpeggios aren't just shapes, they're any combination of a chord's notes, played however you like. There are a lot of ways to play the same series of notes, so don't be restricted by silly choices like which "way" to play arpeggios.
A useful thing to learn, which I'm doing now, play a small phrase using an arpeggio. Eg. a major chord is just 1, 3, 5. So maybe I'll play the arpeggio in this sequence 1, 5, 3, 1, 5. Now play that same sequence somewhere else on the neck. Then somewhere else again. Then maybe play the 5 on a different string. Then maybe play the 3 note an octave lower. Then the 1 an octave higher, etc...