I've mentioned a lot of this in another thread but I thought it a good idea to head up a thread and give it a review.
The guitar arrived fairly quickly, came from Germany to England, so I didn't expect next day service and all praise to Thomann it was still only a few days. Something I worry about with shipped guitars is the neck support and though the packaging was pretty good there was no neck support. Half the strings were detuned and half overtuned. Again I like the strings detuned for posting personally. It was inside a gig bag which really is a flimsy thin thing. I expected a bit more padding. I could only see one short strap so it looks like it might be awkward.
First impression was that it presents well with a very nice matte finish. No marks, no imperfections, no dints and all the fittings moved well though the diddy little tuners took me by surprise. For me the shape means it sits in my lap very nicely in my armchair and although I was worried about it being neck heavy, which it is, it turns out to be pretty well balanced all things considered. A strap would be useful but I didn't seem to bother me without one as much as I have seen others mention.
Tuning was next which seemed OK but intonation, oh dear, I really can't live with this. I read that tuning is an issue with travel guitars. Back in the '60s before computer aided technology I expected cheap guitars to be wildly inaccurate but with today's machinery there is no excuse. It's one of those things I seem to notice in guitars so maybe it's just me. Even for the price I think there is no excuse for inaccurate fretwork.
I noticed that the action is pretty high and I'ts something to deal with from the get go normally. I would love to have messed with the saddle to get an idea as to how good the action could be made for this little review but it isn't going to happen.
I didn't see any need to touch the truss rod as the neck is almost dead straight, enough for me, but it needs a few days to settle into its new home.
This is personal but I have to say I don't like the short scale, I thought I might get used to it especially as size is the issue here but as usual I didn't. I see the advantage for travel guitars but hey ho, no go. Frets seem smooth enough with no nasty fret ends at all. With such a high action naturally there is no fret buzz but I've had a few guitars in the past where there is fret buzz even with a high action caused by an over cut nut. If it were to be a keeper I'd lemon oil the fretboard straight away as it looks like it needs it especially as there is some very slight discolouration along one edge under the top E string. It's too soon to say if the nut could do with some graphite - doesn't seem to need it but I would use some on a change of strings.
Then on to amping. Maybe I am just too fussy but even with twiddling the amp controls and the guitar's on board equaliser it sounded at best only just OK and generally disappointing. I expect it is intended to be amped in a PA system but I don't have high hopes for this even so. Fortunately I want this 99% for acoustic use and there we have just middling results. It's a small body and we don't expect too much but it'll be interesting to see how it compares to a Washburn Rover R010 when it arrives.
It's funny how some guitars just feel right and some don't. It's a great little guitar but just not my cup of tea.
When the blue light flashes I am kidding.
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