Hey! So I've done a fair amount of research about the several options out there and I've seen several comparisons of the ME-25 vs the G3, but not from their audio interface's perspective. I wanted to get an audio interface to record some music at home to practice and maybe some YouTube videos in the future. I don't have any other effect pedals so I though I would get a multi-effect pedal that has a built-in audio interface, since most audio interfaces alone are about $50-$150 bucks anyway. Which would be a better recording experience?

Related Question 2: I also recently got a Boss RC-30 looper pedal before I realized these multi-effect pedals have loopers too. When I spoke to one of the guys at Guitar Center about whether I could just replace my RC-30 with one of these ME pedals, he recommended I keep the RC-30 because it is significantly easier to use and record with, to have a separate looper footswitch, which I can see being true. Do you folks agree? Or are the ME pedals easy enough to loop and loop over? They do seem to have much shorter loop times.

Thanks for the wisdom!

If you want the best looper possible, stick with something designed for it rather than something that includes one with a load of other things.
Same goes with the interface, if you want the best one get something designed to do it.

I presume you're talking about having this purely for home use? If that's the case, with a standalone interface you'll be able to download plugins for all the effects & amp sims you'll need. You won't need the effects part of the unit. Go read the stickies in the Recording forum.

If you're talking about having this to use with an amp and having an interface is just an added bonus, pick the one you like best with an amp.
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