So I used to use 9-46s, but made the jump to 10-52 a couple years ago and immediately heard and felt the difference on my strat. I love this thing more than ever now. However, I'm wondering... would making the jump to 11-56 strings give the same result as from the 9s to the 10s? 11 year guitarist too.

Just want a fatter, chunkier tone without investing in expensive pickups or down-tuning and all that. Worth it?
You might not necessarily get the improvement you want. But it's harmless to try. Strings are cheap.
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i run 11s on my 25.5. If you like the feel go for it. There might be a little more low end overtones. Nothing that can't really be dialed in on a good amp though.
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I have .009s on a couple of my guitars but generally I prefer .010s

0.11s are not bendy enough for me.
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it is flat out 100% personal preference.

try it.

i use 11's on all of my 25.5" scales and on most of my 24.75 scale guitars (two have 12's) with no issue, but that is what i like.

as far as the benefits? not really any, you like what you like.
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trashedlostfdup is correct. It comes down to preference. I don't think I've ever tried 12's .... but I've had 11's on a couple hardtails. Too thick and muddy for my tastes. 10 are ok, but I've pretty much used 9's for the last 22 years. I also rarely play anything outside of E standard / Eb standard.
Yeah, tuning can play into it. I'm running 12-56's for my Drop B tuning. However, Mike Eizenger from Incubus used 13-gauge sets for E Standard...until he needed wrist surgery. Outside of drop B, I use 10 gauge sets, which work pretty well up to Drop C. All on 25.5" scale. I believe one of In Flames guitarists uses Drop B on a Les Paul style with a 24.75" scale and has a 60-gauge for the low B.

But, as said earlier, it's preference and strings are cheap unless you're swapping something like Elixirs every day.
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