I'm trying to get this particular tone from my guitar, as heard in the very beginning of this song:

My guitar is adequate (two humbuckers), I'm on the bridge pickup. I'm using a Peavey going into a 4x12 Mesa Recto cab, which is apparently what this guitarist uses. The only thing I've found that sounds somewhat close is using a Distortion pedal (DS-1) at the beginning of the chain, followed by a Fuzz pedal, then I'm going into the Peavey with the gain at just under 9 out of 10. By the way, all of this is in Amplitube 4. I also have the tone knob on the Distortion pedal rolled up pretty high.

But it's not quite it. The guitar tone from the song is just SO distorted. You can hear so much pick noise and it's incredibly fuzzy. Anyone have any ideas what I might be missing? The only thing I can think of is just messing with a graphic EQ.

By the way, anyone know where the synth and guitar are panned in this mix? They both seem so prominent in the mix, yet it's not too cluttered.