Hey UG! I found an MXR Fullbore metal for about $50 shipped and all to achive some overall extreme metal tones (Burzum, OSDM such as Cannibal Corpse, Nails, just heavy saturated tones) and I've seen some reviews and it seems like a good all around pedal, but for what im trying to play is it what I need, Or should I buy another High Gain pedal?
what amp are you using? the Fullbore does a decent metal sound but may not be ideal for Cannibal Corpse if being used through a clean amp. extreme metal is a bit beyond my expertise so hopefully someone that is more familiar will come along.
that is slightly closer to hm-2 territory.

I have never liked a 'budget' and 'metal' pedal for general purposes, the only reason I have own the hm-2 is for the choppy sound going into a dirty amp.
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The Fullbore does have a very powerful EQ. I prefer it going into an amp that already has gain.