I'm looking for an amp suited for jazz and blues. I'm looking for that mild distortion that creates a fat sound.
My budget is about 500-600 Euros. I already own a 2x12 cab loaded with celestions v30s. Therefore it can be either head or combo. I do not need particularly high wattages.
What do you recommend?
Not sure what 600 euros is ,but some version of fender reverb, Roland jc120, or cube, vox ac30. To name a few I'm sure peavey also has a few offerings. Look used for a better selection.
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I am going to say deluxe reverb.
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Look up Kustom Defender, I remember they had really nice clean and could get a little hairy, plus you can buy just the head.

Look up DV Mark as well, the DV Mark DV Jazz 12 and smaller version are specifically made for jazz and from what I remember hearing when I checked a local gig, very clean and transparent for jazz work.
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I am going to say deluxe reverb.

I'd agree, but there's no way you're getting a Deluxe Reverb for 600 euros. :P

The new Bassbreakers sound nice for little money, in my opinion.
Can't go wrong with a Peavey Classic 30.
Vox AC15 or AC30 has been mentioned, but deserves a look at.
I'd also buy used amps so maybe that can help. Should I get a new cab (or a combo) or is my Harley Benton 2x12 with vintage v30s ok for this?
V30's aren't typically the speaker I'd go for when I want to play blues and jazz, but it'll work.
Are you looking for pristine cleans as well, or mainly a mild overdrive?

If you don't really need the cleans, maybe check out a VHT Special 6, but you have to be able to turn that amp up. A friend of mine was really happy with his for blues.
The H&K Tubemeister series might be an option too.
I've seen the Dv Mark Jazz 212 as suggested. Sounds actually quite good
I'd go for a combo, for jazz and blues you don't really need the huge heft so probably a 1x12 combo would do it well. Personally - I'd go for combo, although your 2x12 is fine as well.
If it were just blues, my fave amp is the Laney LC15 but that's just too dirty for jazz.
Between a 2x12 Jazz combo and a 1x12 Jazz combo which one would you go for?