Can someone link me up to some good bass players who use their pinky or youtube teachers that also practice this technique?
Much appreciated guys
Billy Sheehan uses a four-finger plucking technique that he demonstrates in his instructional videos. He's very good at it. The most incredible example of this that I have yet to see is Doug Johns. I don't know if he's ever done an instructional video, but he uses a plucking technique of one finger per string and they just don't move from those strings. The guy is beyond phenomenal.
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Is there a specific reason you want to learn 4 or 5 finger picking? Like do you play a genre that absolutely requires it? I'm not saying that you couldn't or shouldn't practice it, but imo 2-3 fingers are more than enough for almost anything you'll ever play on bass. But again, if you have specific songs/styles in mind that require technique like that, fair enough. Can't help you with examples though
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