Hey there all, I wondered if i could call on the hive mind to work out what's going on with my Boss RC-30 loop pedal.

As the title suggests, noise from the guitar/bass/etc goes through to the amp no problem, all the buttons work, lights go on, and it seems to record, but no playback. The fact that noise goes through means no cable issues. Obviously I have both channel volumes switched up.

This was a gift, bought second hand in another country so I can't take it back and besides, it used to work! It worked fine for a good 3 weeks or so. My usual rig is double bass->preamp->RC-30->amp. The last I noticed is the phantom power switch and wondered if I could power the preamp off this pedal's batteries (idiot idea I know) but it didn't work and worked fine afterwards (that day but not since). I'm using all mono cables.

I've tried a memory reset, pushed all the buttons shaken it about and still no loops and no drums (I figured the built in drum machine is easier to test with then possibly empty loop files)

Any suggestions?
Sounds like something inside it died. Those aren't normal issues.
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DirtFarmer I've had gear before that smelt like something inside it had died. I'll go give it a sniff to see if it might be a raccoon or something.