Hey people! I play guitar for about 5-6 years now but when it comes to guitars, amps, pedals etc. I'm a TOTAL noob. So I finally have some money to invest in new gear but I'm totally lost! I want an electric guitar that will sound as good as possible with as many genres as possible. Currently I own a Squire and a fender mustang I amp. So I need your help people:
1. With a budget of about 600$ what guitar should I buy?
2. Is it worth to use all my money for the guitar without changing my amp or should I split the money and buy both a better guitar and a better amp.

What would you buy with that money?
A few things to help us answer your question and make suggestions

1 . Your existing equipment - which version Mustang is it, What Squire do you have (there are a number of different models) at least what pickup configuration does it have h-h, h-s-s etc.
2. Are you willing to buy used?
3. Nearest large city so we know whats available and can check the used market
4. I know you say as many genres as possible but can you narrow it down, what do you like to play most - this will affect the amp decision more than the guitar.
5. are you looking to gig or jam with friends or just bedroom play with the amp?

Depending on your current guitar - are you happy with it, does it feel good to play - I would suggest upgrading the amp first, as it will have a bigger impact on your sound, you can probably do both but I would prioritize the amp.

finally check out this thread that gives a number of rig suggestions (guitar/amp) for about $500
VakiPitsi I had the same situation. I bought an Epi Les Paul, which is an obvious option. Although I love it, sometimes I wish i went with something a little bit more modern, with more upper fret access and such. I would definitely get a guitar with humbuckers, its just more versatile. Don't worry about coil tapping or splits, even a squire will beat most splitting humbuckers
If I could take away one thing from the 22+ years I've been playing .... A great amp and cab is priority over a great guitar. Notice I said "great" and not "good". A junk guitar will alter your tone and playing advanent, but you can get by just fine with a "good" guitar.

Not a Fender man myself, but if I'm not mistaken, Squires aren't junk.